Wheels into Employment

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Improve your chances of getting a job.

Cycling Projects are seeking referrals for our exciting new programme, Wheels into Employment, offering unemployed people the chance to work alongside us and gain experience, skills and confidence.

Cycling Projects is a well-established charity with a remit to engage inactive community people through the mode of cycling. It has been in existence for over 25 years developing and delivering community engagement programmes for people with limited abilities, differing needs and those excluded from society.

As well as our initiatives Wheels for All & Pedal Away we are very excited to announce that we will be offering a training and employability project called Wheels into Employment.

The aim of this project is to provide anyone who is unemployed or economically active over the age of 19 years with the transferable key skills, knowledge and confidence to become more employable using our charity’s cycling and disability cycling activities as a platform for growth and development.

Participants will gain experience in:
Volunteering Opportunities
Ride Leadership and Cycle Safety
Event Planning
Inclusive Cycling
Bike Maintenance

Following your referral there will be an interview/assessment to check eligibility of candidates and if successful they will be enrolled on the first stage of our programme, which lasts for four weeks.

After completion of this stage there will be a chance to graduate onto the second stage, which will be more in depth and last for twelve weeks offering the additional benefits of First Aid & Ride Leadership training, a loan bike and access to online learning. There is an allowance for travel that each candidate can claim throughout their time on the course.

Get in touch!

For more info contact:

Greater Manchester
Rob Salt– 07989 399725 rob.salt@cycling.org.uk

Jim Yeoman – 07735 345408 jim.yeoman@cycling.org.uk

Ian Jones– 07469 148254 Ian.jones@cycling.org.uk


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