National Data Collection Tool

The aim is to reduce the burden of paperwork and the repetition of weekly registers


We have been working with a postgraduate team from Liverpool John Moors University to create a data collection tool that, for the first time, will gather all our activities at Wheels for All and Pedal Away programmes through a single and simple effective process.

Thank you to Nancy who has been working closely with Jack Butterworth to create this exciting data gathering process, which will collate the attendance from any delivery type across all venues whether that be Wheels for All, Pedal Away, Park Ride, Learn to Ride or any other bespoke sessions you host.

The aim is to reduce the burden of paperwork and the repetition of weekly registers. This system is in its infancy and we are currently testing live data for several venues in Merseyside. Once we have ironed out any glitches we will offer training to support your efforts in monitoring throughput at your location. Log-ins will be generated and permissions will be set so that you only see relevant data. You will be able to search for an existing user who may be travelling to a new site, whilst on holiday for instance, to save you having to duplicate OHQs. This in turn will provide reports for funders and help us to formulate proposals for future delivery.


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