Commercial sponsorship

Cycling Projects is a nationwide charity committed to providing access to cycling for disabled people (through Wheels for All) and people returning to fitness (Pedal Away).

Our nationwide network of cycling centres rely on fundraising from individuals and business to keep providing the service they do, and supporting Cycling Projects doesn’t only help us; it improves your Corporate Social Responsibility and social obligation commitments too.

What does Cycling Projects do?

Cycling Projects operates a nationwide network of cycling centres (almost 60 in total) which together provide opportunities for people to cycle in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

Through our Wheels for All and Pedal Away programmes we provide bikes, equipment, and trained helpers for:

  • Disabled people.
  • Young people.
  • People returning to fitness after illness.

This short video highlights how people benefit from attending Wheels for All and how commercial partners help.

How can my business help Cycling Projects?

Businesses large and small can help Cycling Projects in many ways:

  • Organise a fundraiser for your local Wheels for All or Pedal Away cycling centre.
  • Encourage employees to donate their time as volunteers.
  • Pay for employee training on one of our courses.

How does supporting Cycling Projects help my business?

Partnering with Cycling Projects is a two-way relationship. We benefit from your fundraising activities, and other support, and in return we help your business achieve some great benefits:

  • Meet Corporate Social Responsibility targets — Many larger organisations are targeted on their CSR actions.
  • Meet social obligation requirements — Many public sector bodies now require suppliers to demonstrate their social obligation work.
  • Increased employee satisfaction — Employees get a good feeling about an employer that supports charity work.
  • Corporate tax relief — Donations, employee secondment, and other charitable acts reduce your corporation tax.

Current commercial sponsors

Amongst the organisations currently supporting us are:

  • Sport England
  • The Steven Morgan Foundation
  • The Will Houghton Foundation

Contacting Cycling Projects

If you’re interested in working with Cycling Projects as a commercial sponsor, please contact Ian Tierney on 01925 234213 or email

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