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bike & boots

The Cycling and Walking to Walk Fund from MerseyTravel targets jobseekers, or those new to a job role within the last 6 months ,who want to walk or cycle to work as part of their commute.

bike & boots helps with the cost of a new bicylce, or a recycled bike with lights and helmet. We can also help with wet-weather gear and walking boots if you’re planning on walking to work.

Get to work in an active, efficient, and enjoyable way. We’ll even train and kit you out

The main eligibility criteria for the scheme are:

  • Living (and working) in the local authority
  • Unemployed but have been offered a job lasting a minimum of 13 weeks
  • Newly employed, within the last 6 months, but were previously unemployed
  • Willing to walk or cycle to work and…
  • …Will consider committing to further free training and skills sessions within the local community, such as
    • Bicylce maintainance (basic)
    • Road safety
    • Route planning
    • Buddy rides / buddy walks
    • Local park and green space walks
    • Ride leadership — Pedal Away or Wheels for All — cycling for those with a disability, learning difficulty, or recovering from illness / injury
    • Vounteering at Pedal Away or Wheels for All

This project is wholly funded from the Department for Transport Cycling and Walking to Work Fund.

Available for free through bike & boots

  • Help with a new or recycled bike*
  • Travel pass
  • Cycle training
  • Bicyle maintenance
  • Ride leader training
  • Guided rides
  • Guided walks
  • Journey planning
  • ’Buddy’ rides
  • ’Buddy’ walks
  • We weather gear

Contact details

To get in touch with bike & boots contact your local representative

Nancy Waine — 07469 148 245

Ian Jones — 07469 148254

Liz Drysdale — 07469 148 246